Our corporate partnership policy

Corporate partnership policy 

A collaboration between Barn I Skolan and a company can take many different forms. 

However, for us to start working together, there are a few things that need to be consistent. 

This Corporate Partnership Policy outlines the principles and guidelines for establishing and maintaining partnerships with businesses in support of Barn i skolan's mission and programs. The policy aims to ensure transparent and mutually beneficial collaborations that align with our organizational values and objectives.

a. To secure financial support for Barn i skolan's programs and initiatives.

b. To leverage the expertise, resources, and networks of partner businesses to enhance our impact.

c. To raise awareness about the importance of education and promote social responsibility.

2. Selection and Evaluation of Corporate Partners:

a. Potential partners will be evaluated based on their alignment with our mission, values, and ethical standards.

b. Financial stability and credibility of the partner will be assessed.

c. The partner's reputation, industry standing, and commitment to social responsibility will be considered.

3. Partnership Categories and Benefits:

a. Different partnership levels will be defined based on the level of financial or in-kind contributions.

b. Benefits for partners may include brand visibility, employee engagement opportunities, and participation in organizational events.

c. Partners may receive recognition through various communication channels, including website, social media, and annual reports.

4. Code of Conduct:

a. Both Barn i skolan and its corporate partners will adhere to ethical practices and respect each other's values and missions.

b. Partners will be expected to comply with relevant laws, regulations, and corporate governance standards.

5. Partnership Agreement:

a. A formal partnership agreement will be developed, specifying the terms, responsibilities, and expectations of both parties.

b. The agreement will outline the duration of the partnership, financial commitments, and any specific deliverables or activities.

6. Monitoring and Evaluation:

a. Regular monitoring and evaluation of partnerships will be conducted to ensure alignment with the agreed objectives.

b. Performance indicators will be established to measure the impact and effectiveness of the partnerships.

7. Review and Renewal:

a. Partnerships will be periodically reviewed to assess their success and potential for renewal or expansion.

b. Both parties will have the opportunity to provide feedback and suggest improvements.

Barn I Skolan partners with companies that:

Barn I Skolan does not partner with companies that: