Our story

Barn I Skolan is an NGO created on July 24, 2021,  in Sweden, by Betty Mideso.

After a strong analysis of the problems related to schooling in Africa and particularly in the DRC, which is her country's origin, Betty Mideso has given herself this mission to support, through Barn I Skolan, all children at the age of going to school.

"Barn I Skolan" translates to "Children in School" in English.

The choice of this name for the NGO was made to directly reflect the organization's mission and focus, which is to support the education of children. By using this simple and clear expression, the NGO can immediately communicate its objective and primary cause: to enable children to have access to quality education and thrive in school.

The name "Barn i skolan" evokes the image of enthusiastic children going to school to learn, grow, and build their future. 

Right to education

Going to school is a human right, and it shouldn't cost anything. But millions of children around the world are still out of school. The main causes are poverty and discrimination. 

Every year in Africa, millions of children and young people leave school without qualifications. The situation is particularly worrying in the DRC where 7.6 million children aged 5 to 17 years do not go to school.

The main missions of Barn I Skolan

In pursuing this mission, our ultimate goal is to empower children in Africa and especially in the DRC, by providing them with the tools to become active citizens capable of building a better future for themselves, their communities and their country.

Here we go!

Every child should have his place in a classroom 

Where we are today

Via Be an angel and A gift to Children,  we would like to support children in need of supplies for the 2023/2024 school year.

The need is throughout the school year
You can still send your donation even if the school year is already in progress.